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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


On the way to Margaret River, we had a short stop in Cowaramup. What a sense of fun this town has? There are 42 life sized cow statues spread throughout the town. 

Everywhere you turn in the Main Street, you see cows!
The statues were erected in 2012 as a tourist attraction.
And a bit more 2014, the town won a spot in the Guiness Book of records for having the most people dressed as cows gathered together. Delightfully quirky people I think! 
We had a little wander around the shops...lots of lovely handcrafted items to look at. DH suggested I look in the newsagent for the latest Handmade magazine. I had been checking shops in Perth, looking for this issue as I had rather liked a pattern that Anorina Morris had had published. I really didn't expect to find the mag in such a tiny town...but I was wrong!!!
That's Anorina's cushion on the front cover!
We were actually driving out of town when a statue high up on a pole caught my eye...?
We turned up a side street and found ourselves in a large park. And there in the middle...
It's a golden cow! Lol
Checking it out on the 'net' I found out that it had been an entry in a cow sculpture competition. According to the website, the statue is often nicknamed 'Rump on a Stump' 😳. 
The park is known as Pioneer Park and is delightful.
There are other sculptures too of course...a tribute to the pioneers...
And beautiful parrots didn't even look up from their feeding as we walked through!
Lovely, lovely creatures. 
I'd never heard of Cowaramup before that day, but I'm so glad we stopped and had a look around. 


On our drive from Bunbury to Margaret River, our first stop was at Busselton...another gorgeous town on the west coast of Western Australia. 
DH had read about a little train that runs on the rather large jetty at Busselton. So after finding a park for the car,  that's where we headed. 

'Extending 1.8 km over the protected waters of Geographe Bay, the heritage listed jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere....Construction...began in 1865, beginning as a mere 161 metres...Extensions were added over the next 90 years creating the remarkable 1.8 km length.'
This port was closed in 1973 and then of course government funded maintenance ceased. For many years it was hard work and private funding worked to restore the jetty and build the aquarium and other structures on the jetty. Eventually funding was received by the Western Australian state government.
Donations for the upkeep are still gratefully received...loved this pelican sculpture.
Tourists pay to walk on the jetty but we had decided to 'splash out' and buy tickets for the ride on the little train.

It was a cold day so the plastic blinds were down on the front and left side of each carriage...

The train goes very slowly...thank goodness! 

The jetty curves...

Every now and then we passed areas that must have been side moorings perhaps...
Here we are at the point where the train stops...there's more jetty after that building and we were given about 20 minutes to check out the end of the jetty...

We took some photos...wasn't it bleak looking out here? And yet it had been sunny at the other end of the jetty.
These photos were taken on the other side of the shop and aquarium.

Looking back to Busselton seafront...

We watched the little train 'engine' change ends ready for the return journey...😉
Facing out to sea...

DH was still taking photos...
But it was time to take a seat for the ride back to shore. It was lots of fun and so much history!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Bunbury is a beautiful city, south of Perth. It features lovely beaches and lots of magnificent old buildings. It was an overnight stop for us on our journey to Margaret River. So we didn't really get to explore that much, but what we did see, we loved.
The building in the first photo is St Patrick's Cathedral...and what a great steeple there.
Some views from a hilltop lookout...
We have some family weddings next year and I remembered that my SiL had told me of a great shop in Perth that sold the most wonderful garments that were ideal for weddings. It's DsD1's wedding that is the 'big one' where a special outfit is needed. And that's the outfit I'd hoped to find.
Instead of finding the store in Perth, I decided I would check out the one in Bunbury. 
The dress shop is Wardrobe and the clothes were as beautiful as my sister in law had said. Alas, I couldn't find anything. DsD1 has decided that she would like the 2 mothers and the stepmother to wear either lemon or mauve/lilac. The fathers will wear similar coloured ties. I look quite wan in lemon, so mauve it must be for me! The shop had nothing in mauve, so the search will continue. I have until July next year.
After checking out the main street and Wardrobe, we headed back to the cliff tops overlooking the ocean, just as the sun was going down. 
Great's a novelty for us to see a setting sun over the sea; we get sunrises over the sea instead. 
We rarely eat at motel restaurants when we travel, but after a long day's drive we both agreed that just walking a few metres from our room to a meal, was very tempting. And our meal was beautifully cooked and was delicious. ( those were rather large steaks) 

There was even a footy game on the TV...DH kept an eye on how the game was going! 

DH went for a walk before breakfast the next day and saw a very interesting front yard...but didn't have his camera or his phone with him to take a photo.
So when we set off to drive to our next destination, we detoured to this house for a photo...
What a talking point! Loved it 😆

Monday, September 19, 2016

Wool on Sunday...

Monday and Tuesday of this week are the birthdays of DD1 and DD2 respectively. Yep they were born 3 years and 1 day apart.
And while tidying/decluttering  cupboards recently I came across some of the little knitted garments that my girls wore in the early 1980s. My mother in law knitted and crocheted a huge bundle of little garments which she brought up to Brisbane in a large suitcase. But I don't seem to have many of these left...I'm afraid it's a bit of a hotchpotch, but a hotchpotch of memories. 😊
A bonnet that was part of a set which included a matching matinee jacket and booties. 

My mother in law made 3 such sets; yellow, blue and white. ( boys dominated births in her family so most expected me to have no pink! Lol) 
Another blue cardi she made...

In the bag of baby stuff was one lonely baby idea why I only kept one! It was crocheted by my MiL and she used cotton as we live in a subtropical climate.
The next item is also just one of a pair...and it's very special to me...
It's a crocheted mitten...and is quite large. The story behind it? When I was pregnant with DD1, I was teaching a Year 7 class. I had noticed that one of my students, Alison, would work on a crocheting project if she finished her work early. Little did I know then, that she was making baby mittens as a gift when I left to go on special. 
With such a lot of items made by my girls' Nanna, I didn't really knit much in the way of baby clothes but there are 3 items that I did make and these items were in the bag I found in the cupboard too.
A little jumper I made for DD1...
Another little top I knitted for DD2...
And a pram blanket I made before DD2 was born...the pattern was published in New Idea and used Patons Totem yarn. I made a few of these as gifts.
Linking this post with Rainbow Hare's Wool on Sunday.
I have decided to keep the 2 little jumpers for some of the teddies to wear, and the little blanket. I'm afraid the other items will be room for being sentimental I'm afraid.  

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yes, yesterday was the third Friday of the month, which meant that last night was September's Friday Night Sew In, or in my case, Knit in.
I revisited a project that I'd put aside a few months ago, while I worked on a number of other things. After hearing that a friend of many years was quite ill and facing heart surgery, I decided that this throw would be a perfect 'pick me up' gift for her...but first I have to get to work and finish it! Just a small detail, surely! 😉

How fortunate that I had chosen Sue's favourite colours when I started this throw way back at the start of winter. 
Linking up with FNSI over on Wendy's blog. A big thank you to her for once again hosting this virtual crafting get together once again! 😊

Friday, September 16, 2016


Yesterday morning  DH and I repacked our suitcases and with much rearranging of the contents, fitted in our holiday purchases. For once, I did NOT buy any yarn or fabric...nope not a bit! But there will be more about that in a future post. 🙄. 
Then it was time to leave our latest accomodation, a lovely B&B in Como a suburb of Perth, and head for the airport. 

Perth airport has 4 Terminals, spread over 2 separate areas of land...and despite being warned about this by my brother, we first went to the wrong airport. But we had given ourselves lots of time, so got to the correct place in plenty of time. 
So today was all about unpacking and also a few loads of washing. But the nicest task was sorting out those purchases.
Several packs of Western Australian chocolates for family...
A calendar from the wildflower farm for my neighbour...
Books for Anthea...

Some clothes for Anthea...

Some lovely soaps and a mustard from Vasse Virgin...( which is famous for all their products made with their high quality olive oil) 
Some stuffed toys that I will 'mind' for a while until Anthea is older! 😉😉😉

WA is famous for its vineyards; there are just so many. We visited a couple, including Woodynook, where we had an order for some port, from my brother. We ended up with 6 bottles of wine, including the 2 for Harry, and we sent them home by Toll Couriers from Albany. The box arrived today...all intact so my brother will be pleased. 
And I bought some potpourri from the wildflower farm. 
It smells delightful! So all in all, a very modest amount to carry home, but that's how I wanted it. 
And DH only bought 2 souvenir Teeshirts and one polo...very restrained! Lol.
And just like other members of K4BN, I also 'gather' items when I travel. DH and I carried our own soap so we could gather up the motel soaps. And of course any of the little bottles of shampoo and conditioner provided by motels, that we didn't use, we 'gathered'. 

And why are we such 'bowerbirds'? These items will end up being included in the hygienie pack  that K4BN  hands out to needy recipients. So these will come in handy helping people. 
I still have some 'travelogue posts' to do but the next post will be a FNSI.